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dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Wed, 25 Oct 95 18:18 EDT

How many new humans (children) have you littered the earth with personally?


Dave said,
The things we are doing to Earth are shameful and if we were
>around in the time of the dinosaurs, I'm sure we would be the reason
>they died!

Listen to what you said! They went extict whithout our help and yet you
STILL want to blame people. You almost sound disapointed that we can't
blame this event on people. No offense Dave, but statements like this is
where the term "environmental whacko" comes from.
I'm not blaming people, I'm illustrating a point.
Yes, if we humans were around then and at our current stage of
developement, many, many species of dinosaur would be gone with
us to blame. Of course what ever killed them would possibly have
done the same to us as well and cleaned up the dinos we missed. ;)

There is nothing wacko about pointing out that humans are doing
very good job of extinction, Atropos would be proud.

Dave Evans