Re: What do I do with D. Capensis seeds
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 10:17:55 -0300

>On 22 Sep 95 at 13:02, Dhalsim/Raiden wrote:
>> For those that I plant, Why can't I bury the seeds under a millimeter
>> of soil like other seeds? I've read that all I should do is sprinkle
>>the seeds
>> on top of the soil and that's it!!
>Maybe you can bury them. Try it with some, though it certainly isn't
>needed, and may be a disadvantage. I'm used to sowing
>everything on the surface - CPs, Cacti, succulent mesembs - it's
>where the seeds would end up naturally if they just fell on the soil.
>Some seeds might find it too dry on the surface, but with CP seed,
>sown in bog conditions, this is not likely to be a problem.
>Clarke Brunt (

When CP seeds fall into the "soil," often they are deposited onto a a mat
of live moss. Sphagnum moss is notoriously hardy (at least in Canada) and
in Spring will tend to start growing before the CP seeds germinate. They
(the CP seeds) still get light; however, the seedlings are protected buy
this living, humidity retaining cover. Indoors, this can get out of control
and need "haircuts." Outdoors, sphagnum moss generally forms a low dense
mat that seedlings may grow through and above.

If you use live sphagnum moss for your germination medium, as Clarke
Brunt says:
"... with CP seed, sown in bog conditions, this ('Some seeds might
find it
too dry on the surface.') is not likely to be a problem."

Remember that many CP seeds need light and humidity to germinate.
Not always an easy combination to achieve for such greenhouse challenged
people as myself :}.

Rand Nicholson