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Steven Stensland (
Wed, 20 Sep 95 13:50:00 PDT

Hello everyone,

My name is Steven Stensland and I've been following this listing for several
months now with nothing really to add, just soaking up information.

I've always had a fascination with plants, plants that have always seemed a
little out of the ordinary. For some strange reason, my wife has on several
occasions referred to our house as a jungle ... :-) Anyway, for the last
year or so I have been propagating Mimosa Pudica (Sensitive Plant) quite
successfully. I have gotten the germination rate up over 80% (as opposed to
the 10% germination rate with seeds from a greenhouse). My wife thinks I'm
weird, I like to think I'm just a little eccentric ;-)

My carnivorous plant interest has been with me ever since childhood but I
have never had an opportunity to dive into it wholeheartedly until recently
when I purchased several VFT's that were on the brink of disaster from the
local OSH store. By applying information I have read in these listings, I'm
happy to say that these plants are now doing fine in my new 'patio' bog and
are developing new traps.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to stop by California Carnivores and
check out their greenhouse. As a result I walked away with a small
Darlingtonia. Recently my financial advisor (cough, cough wife) has put a
cap on my spending, otherwise I may have gone a little overboard. So many
decisions. Anyway, only time will tell how successful I am with this species