Re: CP digest 474

John Walker (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 16:57:16 -0700

>>I thought that either the VFT roots had grown down into the water tray (I
>>don't see any sticking out of the pot holes) or that the plants might be
>>trying to go dormant.
>>Now I have additional symptoms. The last two new pitchers on my S. purpurea
>>have failed to develope properly and turned brown without ever opening. My
>>D. Capenses has leaves that are twisting up like a cork screw althogh they
>>still produce plenty of dew and do not appear to be dying. I now wonder if
>>this is all happening because of the new growing arraingment or that there
>>must be a difficiency in one of the growing parameters. My Ping seems to be
>>doing just fine BTW.
>>Perhaps the plants needed to adjust more slowly to the brighter light or
>>they are reacting to the indirect ultraviolet light comming in through the
>>window. And now I hear that your VFT's are experiencing the same plight.
>>I am also hoping that others on the list will be able to shed some light on
>>the subject.
>>Happy growing,
>>John Walker,
>Three causes came to mind:
>1) Are you using distilled or purified water?
>2) Could your soil be too wet?
>3) What are you using for soil?
>4) Perhaps you have some very small animals (such as spider mites) having
>your cp's fur lunch.
>Good luck, John Phillips

I only use water labled as distilled. I am growing in a mix of peat and
long fiber spagnum with the plants actually growing on top in a layer of
live spagnum. The spagnum is very green and is growing. The four inch pots
are then placed in the fish tank with half an inch of water in the bottom.
Perhaps it may be insects. My ping catches alot of tiny black winged (I
think) bugs. These bugs jump away when I try to smash them. From prevous
discussions I think they may be thrips?

Anyhow, I will try some weak diazanon a couple of times and see if it makes
any difference. Thanks for the advice!

John Walker,