Re: Nepenthes: addictive fluid in pitchers

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Tue, 19 Sep 95 22:36 EDT

> In addition, it is rumored that you can actually
> smoke Nepenthes pitchers. To do this, simply
> place flammable liquid, such as lighter fluid,
> in an empty pitcher, ignite the fluid, and then
> put a metal straw into the pitcher opening so
> you can take drags on the fumes. I am not recommending
> anybody do this, as it is considered highly dangerous
> and illegal. But, the fact is, where Nepenthes go...
> trouble follows.

Yes! Yes! Oh, thank you! I have finally found a support group to
help me cope with this terrible addiction! It all began so innocently...

Once I was a happy carnivorous plant collector with a fine assortment
of Nepenthes. Then one day a dreadful person mentioned, in passing,
that Nepenthes could be smoked, with "interesting" effects. Woe be
that I listened to him! At first I payed no mind to the comment, but
eventually the curiosity got the better of me. Alas, I gingerly lit up
an old and browning pitcher from a spare N. alata. The effect was
electrifying! I was hooked! Soon I had used up all my N. alata. To make
matters worse, I found that the common species and hybrids would loose
their punch after some use. I found that more exotic and valuable species
were necessary to spare me the withdraw! In panic, I rushed to propagate
my Nepenthes stock... they crowded the other CP out of the greenhouse.
My home slowly filled with rack upon rack of fluorescent lamps, the
fixtures swinging manically on their chains as I scurried about ministering
my addicting harvest... always with an evil smoldering Nepenthes pitcher
drooping from my lips. The wife left. The kids left. The dog left. The
goldfish jumped from its bowl.
Despite my efforts, consumption exceeded supply. You cannot imagine the
pitiful sight of a broken man kneeling in a soil-befouled house, ablaze with
grow-lux lamps hung over rows of empty pots. There I was, crouched over my
last Nepenthes rajah, down to the last leaf, praying, exhaling over the
precious plant, drippling Superthrive into the pot, begging for the last
pitcher to expand and open!

And now you all have been warned! Just say "No" to Nepenthes!

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