Nepenthes: addictive fluid in pitchers

Steven Klitzing (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 12:46:04 -0700

They are called Nepenthes because the water in the
pitchers have a narcotic effect on the bugs that
fall in...making them too sleepy to struggle. This
is why the Malaysian government will not let them
out of the country anymore. Nepenthes are considered
a powerful alcohol...and therefore they
do not want them bought, sold, bred, or traded as it
will potentially create thousands, if not millions,
of Nepenthes addicts. Already, on the streets of
Amsterdam, you can find addicts shooting, snorting,
and freebasing the fluid from Nepenthes pitchers.
In addition, it is rumored that you can actually
smoke Nepenthes pitchers. To do this, simply
place flammable liquid, such as lighter fluid,
in an empty pitcher, ignite the fluid, and then
put a metal straw into the pitcher opening so
you can take drags on the fumes. I am not recommending
anybody do this, as it is considered highly dangerous
and illegal. But, the fact is, where Nepenthes go...
trouble follows.