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>> >Any surefire ways of getting rid of scale on Sarrs?
>> I've always had good luck w/ Safers insecticidal soap. 2 or 3 applications
>> have taken care of scale, mealy bugs and thrip infestations on my Sarrs. You
>> can find it hardware and garden supply stores. I beleive some on this list
>> may not agree, but it has always worked for me. Just don't use it on Drosera
>Yeah, Using that on Drosera scares me without even applying it. :)
>The Safer Insecticidal Soap is a good treatment for Sarr's just don't
>let the spray get into the pitchers, just the outside and you shouldn't
>have a problem with poisonning your plants. Also don't let it soak
>into the soil much, a couple of drips won't do any harm, just don't
>let the soil get alot in it. Safer's is probably your best bet for
>an eco-friendly scale killer.
>Dave Evans
I've never had any problems w/ it getting in the soil, and I use it pretty
heavily when going after scale. I do flush out my pots after treatment
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