Re: CP digest 467
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 22:24:12 -0400

Hello, my name is Tom Hanley. I have been growing CPs for about 4-5 years.
Recently I had an article published in the ICPN detailing some of the
different ways I have used to grow CPs ("The Truth About Carnivorous Plants
is Hard to Find"). I have just signed on to this group about a week ago. I
am having quite good luck,except for one oddity. On most all of my pitcher
plants (most species) an increasing number of "bumps" are present from the
crown upwards. To better describe these "bumps" I would say they remind me of
the pest called Scale commonly found on outside shrubs and foliage. These
bumps are brown and could also be healed over scabs from some sort of bite.
When scraped away the bump seams whitish brown on the underside with no
noticeable liquid seen. The plant itself does not seem to display any type of
wound or withering. At this time of the year some of the pitchers have
browned at the tops from age or catapillars, but I see no other damage. In
the spring of the year there were only a few of these seen on my S.purps. As
the heat of the summer went on these bumps incresed to a point I deamed it
important to investigate.
You guys are the experts can you tell me, or do you need more info or photos?
Thanks Tom