Capensis Flowering

Michael Livingston (
Sat, 2 Sep 95 16:43:07 PDT

Hi all!

I've been mostly lurking here for some time now and appreciate all of
the advice and information flowing through this list. I simply want to
report that to both my surprise and pleasure my Drosera Capensis (3 of
them) appear to be producing flower scapes. I am pleased because in the
past most of my plants would die rather than flower. Maybe this is a
new day for me :). I am surprised because it seems rather late in the
season for flowering (I live in Southern New England). I'm not
complaining mind you, I just thought the DCs would flower in the spring.
Anyway, can anyone offer suggestions for pollination? I seem to
remember seeing messages that they will self-pollinate, but I have
always understood that pollenation from other plants is best. Assuming
they do pollinate, how might I collect the seeds? What will they look
like? Then how and when should they be sown? Maybe I should get a
couple of books...

Michael Livingston
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