Re: Capensis Flowering

Clarke Brunt (
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 19:38:21 +0100

On 2 Sep 95 at 13:59, Michael Livingston wrote:

> [Drosera capensis...] Anyway, can anyone offer suggestions for
> pollination? I seem to remember seeing messages that they will
> self-pollinate, but I have always understood that pollenation from
> other plants is best. Assuming they do pollinate, how might I collect
> the seeds? What will they look like? Then how and when should they
> be sown?

By all means attempt to transfer pollen between plants - perhaps just
push the two flowers into each other, but they will produce seed
without you bothering. When the lower flowers on the scape are black
remains (often while the top ones are still flowering), just try
bending over the scape and tapping it over a sheet of paper. The
small black seeds will shake out if ready. I seem to remember that
capensis seeds are elongated maybe 1mm or so long - I can't check
because I remove all ripening scapes from mine to avoid the seed
getting in all the other pots. Just sow on the surface of whatever
soil you are growing the adult plants in and place in water tray.
You don't need to cover them. I'd sow as sown as they are ready - you
could keep some back for Spring too, but otherwise just treat as
though the seeds had fallen out onto the soil naturally. They should
germinate in a few weeks.

Clarke Brunt (