Re: "The Private Life of Plants"

Fri, 04 Aug 95 10:09:17 CDT

Not to beat the "largest flower" topic to death (there is another topic
farther down in this note) but somewhere I read a blurb on this which said:

Largest flower (floret) - Rafflesia arnoldii
Largest branched infloresence - Puya raimondii
Largest unbranched infloresence - Amorphophallus titanum

And on to the real reason for this note: has anyone in the US seen anything
about "The Private Life of Plants" being shown here, or available? Many of
us over on the aroid list have been watching for this for some time, after
hearing the reports from some aroiders who were in Sumatra at the same time as
Attenborough and his crew, and in fact helped them locate Amorphophallus
titanum for filming. (That same expedition is how so many of us wound up
growing this plant, which was formerly *very* rare in cultivation.) It was
well over a year ago, I'm thinking nearly two now, when the filming was
done, and we've still to see it.

Any information about it would be appreciated ...

-- Steve Marak