"The Private Life of Plants"

John Taylor (rphjt@minyos.xx.rmit.EDU.AU)
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 21:10:48 +1000

Hi all,

David Attenborough has a new (for us, anyway) documentary called "The Private
Life of Plants". There's a ~2 page article/review of it in the latest
"Green Guide" (the TV liftout of "The Age" newspaper) with a couple of nice
* Amorphophallus titanum (DA calls it "a very rude-looking plant")
which has the world's largest flower (2 metres across, 3 metres high!!) and
only flowers once every three years, and only lasts for three days.
* Greenhood orchid flower which has an error in the caption - they
aren't "green orchid bird traps" (insects maybe)...

According to the review, there will also be "a meat-eating pitcher plant
equipped with its own, two-litre casserole dish bubbling with a gruesome
stock of wax and acid" (Nepenthes rajah wouldn't you say?)


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