Re: "The Private Life of Plants"

Perry Malouf (
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 18:18:52 -0400 (EDT)

Steve Klitzing writes:

> No, the largest flower in the world is the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin flower
> which turns into 900 lb. pumpkins...much larger than Rafflesia, and
> much better for turning into pies.

I didn't know whether to interpret this as a joke or not, since
there was an absence of smileys :-)

A flower is a flower, and a fruit/vegetable is a fruit/vegetable.

How large are the _flowers_ of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin? No
one doubts that a 900 lb. pumpkin (fruit/vegetable) is larger
than a Rafflesia flower (which _is_ a flower), given the density
of a pumpkin (oops, that's the physicist in me).

A Rafflesia flower measures more than a meter across. Are the
_flowers_ of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin that large?

Perry Malouf