Re: Aldrovanda and Drosera Cistiflora questions

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 09:23:39 -0400

> Hi, I was wondering if a few of you out there that are growing Aldrovanda
> could describe your set up. I had mine growing in a cylindrical white
> 2.5 gallon trash can in the sun. I had boiled 1.5 cups of granulated
> moss peat ... but a film of algae began to
> grow ontop of the water. Worse yet algae began to grow on the Aldrovanda,
> enveloping the older half of the plant. In desperation, I purchased
> floating fern ...
> Does anybody have some suggestions?

I grow Aldrovanda; in an earlier note to the group I mentioned that it
was staying about six inches long, now it is about 20 inches with maybe
four or five growth points. Conditions: outside with 4 or so hours
direct Florida sun in about one gallon of water. Two things that seemed
to help mine, (or maybe it was a friendly water sprite) 1- I overtop the
water every week or so to wash off any floating detritus, 2- scoop up
generous numbers of cyclops, water fleas, or whatever they are from some
of my other water trays to add for food. Can't guarantee this will
help, but FWIW,

Tom in Fl