Aldrovanda and Drosera Cistiflora questions

Zachary B. Kaufman (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 15:36:05 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I was wondering if a few of you out there that are growing Aldrovanda
could describe your set up. I had mine growing in a cylindrical white
2.5 gallon trash can in the sun. I had boiled 1.5 cups of granulated
moss peat and added it to the water 2 weeks prior to adding the
aldrovanda. The plant grew rapidly, but a film of algae began to
grow ontop of the water. Worse yet algae began to grow on the Aldrovanda,
enveloping the older half of the plant. In desperation, I purchased
floating fern and placed it ontop of the water. This took care of the
film of algae on the surface of the water, but there is still algae,
though not as much, growing on the Aldrovanda. The plant is no longer
growing anywhere near as fast as before. I keep the floating fern
thinned around the area of the plant to ensure it gets some light.
Does anybody have some suggestions? The plant is surviving, not thriving.

I also have a Drosera Cistiflora. Does anybody know the "proper"
way to take care of this plant? It has not grown during the month since I
got it and is beginning to decline. Does it need a dormancy period
in the summer? Should it be dry right now? Perhaps, just slightly damp.
What about the rest of the year?

Thanks a lot,