Re: Swap Shop

Rick Walker (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 17:25:19 -0700


> response has been favourable, so I thought I'd pass it on to you'all for
> consideration. What I am proposing is a Swap Shop Page setup. This page
> will be listed by species. In each species listing, there will be list
> of plants (submitted by you'all) that you have available for trade (or
> freebee), NOT plants for SALE!!!! With an appropriate contact address to
> make the trading arrangements.

Such a thing already exists... It might not be exactly what you envision,
but it is close.

I maintain a CP trading list for this group. Anyone who sends me their
growing list will be added to the list. The format allows you to indicate
which plants are available for free, for trading, selling, swapping, etc.

About 20 people are currently participating in this service.

Perhaps this info should go on the WEB?

To get the current copy, send the message

GET CP cp.growlist

to the archive server: ""

Best regards,

Rick Walker