Movement in Ibicella

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:09:45 -0700

>> I'm happy to say that indeed a Martyniaceae seedling in my garden is
>> flowering and is the genuine _Ibicella lutea_---not some noncarnivorous
>> _Proboscidea_ imposter. Yay!

>What is Ibicella? Is it actually carnivorous?

Bob, Ibicella lutea is a plant in the family Martynia. It has been suggested
that it is carnivorous. A close relative is commonly known throughout the
western US as devil's claw, because of the characteristic shape of the seed
pods which are popular among ski-cowboys as hat ornaments. This plant is
also naturalized in Australia, where it is considered a ``noxious weed.''

I just pollinated my plant today---has anyone else noticed the stigmatic
surface movement?