Re: Swap Shop

John Walker (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 10:36:08 -0700

>Good Day!
>I've talked to a couple of people personally about this idea and the
>response has been favourable, so I thought I'd pass it on to you'all for
>consideration. What I am proposing is a Swap Shop Page setup. This page
>will be listed by species. In each species listing, there will be list
>of plants (submitted by you'all) that you have available for trade (or
>freebee), NOT plants for SALE!!!! With an appropriate contact address to
>make the trading arrangements.
>You mean people will *GIVE* plants away to novices (postage to be paid by
novice)? When I learn more about cultivation I may give Rick's service a
try. I have to admit that I would be willing to pay a "reasonable" price
for VFT's and avoid problem nurseries. However, you say that you don't want
plants to be offered for sale on your system. If I can't get them for free,
I might be willing to pay a small fee for them if it were cheaper than
commercial nurseries or they were in better shape/size/health. Just a thought.

A novice (but learning)
John Walker