Edmund Lee Jon Deoon (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 08:56:18 +0800 (SST)

> I have probably ~15 VFTs that I've been growing for a dozen years
> or more. I have never provided them with any special conditions for
> dormancy. I have grown them under fluorescent lights, and have shortened
> the daylength. In addition, I always keep the room temp cooler in the
> winter, probably lows of ~60 at night. I'm not saying this is ideal, but
> the plants have grown fine for many years. I think this winter I may
> actually try providing some of the plants with cooler temps by putting
> them outside over the winter (in the relatively mild San Francisco
> winter, that is). Don't know if this helps, but resting in the
> refrigerator is not absolutely required.
> Wayne Forrester

I've become increasingly fascinated with the discussions on VFTs and
wonder if they can be grown in a tropical climate. In Singapore we dont
have anything resembling a winter. Perhaps the fridge trick might be
appropriate. I would greatly appreciate some advice. My nepenthes are
doing quite well.