Re: Latest plant rescue

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 24 Jul 95 23:16 EDT

> From: Brian Jones <bjones@NETCON.SMC.EDU>
> Subject: Latest plant rescue
> I just rescued (purchased) something that I think is Sarr. alata.
> It had a plastic stick that said it was from the Univ. North Carolina,
> McMillan greenhouse Endowment and a portion of the proceeds would
> support pitcher plant perservation and research!
> -BJ

Yeah, I bought some (4) plants of S.oreophila from the Bot. gardens
at (or part of) the Univ. North Carolina a couple of years back.
Resently I had heard that you need some sort of permit for to buy or
sell these plants. The proceeds were for same as the above message,
could someone tell me what the rules are concerning this plant?

Thanks, Dave E.