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Phil Mueller (hi23ahg@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu)
Thu, 20 Jul 95 17:57:23 CDT

This came to aroid-l this morning.(we operate out of MoBot) and I
found some pretty exciting things on it. Thought I would spread the
info around. Please feel free to repost this.

Hello, You may be interested is viewing the exciting new changes on the
World-Wide Web page at the Missouri Botanical Garden.


New URL: http://www.mobot.org

The Missouri Botanical Garden World-Wide Web now includes over 600 HTML
pages and over 800 images on a dedicated server in St. Louis. The Garden
Web was recently rated among the top 5% of all Web sites by Point
Communications Corporation. Users can see dozens of JPEG and GIF images
of the garden, of exotic flowering plants, and of botanists working in the
field. The Web also allows access to a vast storehouse of scientific
information about plants.

Part of an ongoing commitment to serve the public, the Garden Web has
delivered over 250,000 files since coming online a year ago. Visitors can
take a virtual tour, learn what's currently in bloom, and learn about
special events. They can also learn about botanical research at the
Garden--home of the world's most active program to study tropical plants.
Many Garden staff members currently contribute to the Web, which grows

To support its growing Web resources, the Garden has upgraded its Internet
connection to T1 and purchased additional hardware. This improved
computing infrastructure has allowed the Garden to move the Web to St.
Louis from its original home at the Keck Center for Genome Informatics at
Texas A&M University in Houston.

Christine McMahon | Missouri Botanical Garden | voice 314-577-9553
Dept. Head
Botanical Information fax 314-577-9596
Management | e-mail: mcmahon@mobot.org |


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