RE: CP suppliers

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Thu, 20 Jul 95 16:34 EDT

> PP has been around for a really long time. He was one of the first.
> Back when he started, the demand was tiny - and field collection
> probably really *did* have a negligible impact.
> Times have changed. Let's give PP a chance to change too.

Most CP books have a list of CP suppliers in the back. I think many
beginners get started by purchasing from these companies, and they'll
find that PP's is probably the only listed company still in business.
Possibly as more people get on-line more will consult on-line references
before hitting the books (hmm, now that can be a scary thought! :-)

I agree that education of all parties is the best way to go!

Michael Chamberland