Introduction & fungicide query

Liz Fox (
Thu, 13 Jul 95 13:13:57 PST

Hello to everyone,

I'm a new cp list member & have enjoyed reading the list
thus is nice to see a familiar face or two (Hi,
Yassir!) - I am an orchidist, too. I've been a cp addict
for years - have some droseras, nepenthes, et al. The
Oregon coast an ideal environment for them...I have mine in
a greenhouse with my Pleurothallids. If you'd like to know
what they are, let me know via my email address - they are a
group of wonderful orchids that would probably appeal to cp

My question: I'm going to sow a bunch of seed - Nepenthes,
drosera, et al. - and noted that the Pietropaolo book
recommends using a fungicide pre-plant treatment. Does
anyone have any recommendations? I have Physan and captan,
but I'm not sure about potential toxicities. Thanks in
advance for your responses!

Liz Fox
Newport, OR USA