Re: N.edwardsiana (rather stenophylla)

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 23:10:45 +0100

Dear Alastair,

> Lastly, I have heard rumours that N.stenophylla occurs in certain
>localities in the Malaysian peninsular. Not necessarily asking for location
>details in light of recent comments ( though I assure you that I am in it for
>>the photographs and experience.), is this true?

I think it is only rumours. This would be the first report of the Regiae
(sensu DANSER) to occur in peninsular Malaysia (I understand we are not
talking about cultivated plants, right?). There are similar rumours about
_N.maxima_ in or even W of Sumatra. I do not really believe any of these
(i.e., I do not know of any specimen).

Kind regards and a happy journey

PS: Matthew Jebb (Hi, Matthew!) is participating in this list. The address
on his last messages read definitely more Irish than "Papua New Guinea".