Re: Greetings!

Perry Malouf (
Sun, 9 Jul 1995 21:08:31 -0400 (EDT)

Zain Robinson wrote:

> I am hoping to visit Mt.Kinabalu in Sabah (East Malaysia, on the
> island of Borneo.) this summer and am off to Malaysia on the seventeeth.

Have a blast at Mt. Kinabalu Park. I sure did. When you make your
reservations, ask about hiring a guide to take you to various
groves of Nepenthes along the summit trail. Allow one day for
hiking the applicable portions of that trail. Along that trail I
saw Nepenthes: tentaculata, fusca, lowii, villosa, and kinabaluensis.
Some of these were off the trail proper, and so a guide is necessary
to see those Nepenthes.

> I would also like to ask, at this time, if anyone out there
> knows of or has any copies of either Roger Shivas's book ' Pitcher
> Plants of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore', or Shigeo Kurata's book,
> 'Nepenthes of Mt. Kinabalu.'

The bookstore at Kinabalu Park normally sells Kurata's book, though
they were out of it when I was there in early December '94.

Perry Malouf