Zain Robinson (
09 Jul 95 18:30:06 EDT

I would like to take this oppurtunity to introduce myself as a new
member to
the CP discussion group. I have been growing CP for about 5 years now
and have a passion for mostly tropical species, especially Nepenthes,
utricularia, genlisea, and some Droseras and Pinguiculas, Nepenthes
being my favourite. I live primarily in Malaysia ( A possible influence
of my tastes of CP's) but study in England from where I am writing.
Most of my plants live in lighted coldframes, indoors, and the
rest are
scattered around on windowsills. I have recently been trying to
germinate some nepenthes, of which I have about 20 different species,
quite successfully ( and rewardingly, as it is the first time that I
have managed to do so!).
I am currently a member of the I.C.P.S. and British societies
which are
both excellent. I am hoping to visit Mt.Kinabalu in Sabah (East
Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.) this summer and am off to Malaysia
on the seventeeth. If anyone knows of any interesting sites for CP
either there or in Peninsular Malaysia, do contact me.
I would also like to ask, at this time, if anyone out there
knows of or
has any copies of either Roger Shivas's book ' Pitcher Plants of
Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore', or Shigeo Kurata's book, ' Nepenthes
of Mt. Kinabalu.' I would accept any offers of books in fair (or maybe
worse!) condition as I have been searching for both for about four
years, but to no avail. Thank you.

- Alastair Robinson,Wimbledon,UK.