Introduction form New Zealand

Andy Falshaw (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 10:44:40 GMT+1200

Kia-ora. I've been growing cps for all of about a year, some
sarracenias given to me by a friend, and a vft which I managed to kill -
but it seems from the correspondance that that's not too hard. I've got
one local contact here (hi Peter) who has given me some D. capensis
seedlings, but is there anyone else out there in NZ? Or are we really
off the edge of the world? The NZ cp society seems to have died off.
The climate here is mild, no frosts in winter, high 20s C in summer.
I'm looking to grow as much as possible outside, so it's good to hear
how other growers get on.

Andy Falshaw, Carbohydrate Chemistry Team, Industrial Research
Limited, Lower Hutt, New Zealnad.