Pollination of Drosera Capensis

Kent M. David (KMD@eqe.com)
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 07:44:44 PST

Hello CP enthusiasts-

I have been lurking on this list for a while now, and have learned a
great deal. My entire CP collection right now consists of a single
Drosera Capensis, which is helping to control the outbreak of fungus
gnats in my apartment. It has been growing well, more so since I
eradicated the aphids hiding under the leaves and causing them to
curl up (thank you mailing list for that hint).

My question is on how to propagate the plant through seeds. It has
sent up a flower stalk, and although most of the blooming has occured
while I have been away from my apartment, this last weekend I had a
chance to see one of the blooms open up fully. I tried (using a
toothpick) to pollinate the flower, but it seemed as though none of
the pollen would come off of the stamen. I am curious as to whether
this plant is self pollinating (will I get viable seeds from the
flowers that I did not see blossom and wither), and if there is a
special technique required to pollinate the flowers if it is not self

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kent David