My message to Carl, and RO H2O

Walter Greenwood (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 11:27:16 EST5EDT

I inadvertantly sent my response (to Carl's inquiry) to the whole
list. Sorry. Flog me with a wet _D. regia_.

Since we have been talking about water conditioning, let me pass on
a tip. My office is in a building that houses a bunch of medical
research laboratories, and I found out, sort of by accident, that
the lab across the hall from me has a very serious RO unit, and the
prof that runs the lab invited me to help myself anytime. The VFTs
and _Drosera_ on my office windowsill sure like it better than the
swill that comes out of the water fountain. They are thriving now,
instead of just surviving, and the "dead" sphagnum is starting to
green up. Those of you who spend time in buildings with labs might
be surprised what you can find if you ask around.