flowers 1 & Re: Pollination of Drosera Capensis

Eric Schlosser (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 15:28:03 CET-1CST

> My question is on how to propagate the plant through seeds. It has
> sent up a flower stalk, and although most of the blooming has

> while I have been away from my apartment, this last weekend I had a
> chance to see one of the blooms open up fully. I tried (using a
> toothpick) to pollinate the flower, but it seemed as though none of
> the pollen would come off of the stamen. I am curious as to whether
> this plant is self pollinating (will I get viable seeds from the
> flowers that I did not see blossom and wither), and if there is a
> special technique required to pollinate the flowers if it is not self
> pollinating.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Kent David

D.capensis will easily set a lot of seed without being pollinated and
if not removed in time you'll soon find young D.capensis plants
emerging from pots where it never should have grown.

However I realized that two of the capensis forms that I grow don't
pollinate themselves.
The crestate form does not probably because of its monstreous
And interestingly the red leaved form of D.capensis did only
produce seed for me when pollinated by hand (easiest by rubbing
gently two flowers against each other, or if you have only one
flower open try to use your finger (or a brush or remove the stamen
and touch the stigma with it, etc)).
The reason for this could be a different flower structure (I'm not
sure about this, I better check) that prevents self pollination
or the reason is a different genom.
The last point is pure speculation, but I also realized, that the
flowers of this form are much larger and more open than the usual
forms. This could indicate a duplication of chromosomal number like
in some orchid cultivars.
I wonder if anybody has a better idea.