D. cistiflora

Wed, 31 May 1995 14:57:43 +0930

Back on to the thread of how to grow D.cistiflora. I noticed that
mine have awoken from their summer sleep. During this time they
were kept bone dry along with my tuberous Drosera (which
incidently have also emerged). Anyway back to the story....

While they were dormant, I got a little brave with one of the
pots and upended it to find out what made this species "tick" as
it were. Expecting to find a storage organ of some description, I
was disappointed to find nothing that I could distinguish from
the bits of stick that are present in the peat moss. Thinking
that I had now one less pot of D. cistiflora, I tipped all the
compost back into the pot and left it. I put the pots back into
the water trays about 5 weeks ago. Now I have two plants growing
in that pot and I'm hoping a few more may come up. At the end of
this season I'll try it again but I'll be more careful and follow
the dead vegetation down to its source.


PS For those of you interested in climatic conditions in South
Australia (Average Daily Max: 17C, Min: 8C )