Re: wasps and Sarr.

Brett Lymn (
Wed, 31 May 1995 16:01:41 +0930 (CST)

According to Robert Beer:
>I have had this happen with some sort of beetle; I looked at a S. flava
>and noticed brown lumps on the pitchers, and these turned out to be the
>heads of some small long-horned beetle type that had been trapped and
>chewed a hole in the trap, but couldn't get all the way out, because they
>were rammed up against the sides and their bodies were too big to
>proceed. It was actually sort of grisly.

Gee, I thought this was part of the attraction of growing CP -
certainly beats pulling the wings off flies ;-)

This from someone who

a) When he has time likes to slice open the dead sarra leaves to see
what has been eaten

b) Used to sit outside with a cup of coffee watching his collection
catching flies (muttering - come on come on, just a bit further down
and you're history, sport :-)

Sick & Twisted & Proud of it!

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