Re: D. cistiflora

Brett Lymn (
Wed, 31 May 1995 17:09:32 +0930 (CST)

According to
>Back on to the thread of how to grow D.cistiflora. I noticed that
>mine have awoken from their summer sleep. During this time they
>were kept bone dry along with my tuberous Drosera (which
>incidently have also emerged). Anyway back to the story....

I found the mortality rate of keeping mine bone dry over summer was
a bit too high. I like giving mine a water every now and again during
summer which seems to keep mine alive.

>While they were dormant, I got a little brave with one of the
>pots and upended it to find out what made this species "tick" as
>it were. Expecting to find a storage organ of some description, I
>was disappointed to find nothing that I could distinguish from
>the bits of stick that are present in the peat moss.

I tried the same thing with the same result... I believe the tuber is
very small and they tend to like to be right down the bottom of the
pot but I have never actually seen one.

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