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Andrew Flostrand (
Thu, 25 May 1995 12:53:07 -0700

>> Dear Friends, One again I'm looking for some help with what I feel is
>> a bug problem. First the symptoms! leaves on my rubra forms (and
>> one alata) seem to wilt from the lid of the pitcher down. They don't
>> get crunchy or dry, they just seem to loose all their moisture.
>> After time, the whole upper portion of the leaf seems to get all thin
>> and limp.
>> These same plants did this last summer as well. Their reply was that
>> there
>was nothing wrong! Yet
>> the pitcher continued to wilt.
>> Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur
><<stuff above deleted for space>>
>Carl: I don't believe you have bugs. In my experience S. rubra,
>particularly the gulf coast form, (and to a much less degree some of
>the other Sarr. species) are susceptable to wilt. This seems to me to
>be associated with low water levels and high heat. I have found that
>the roots and rhizome appear healthy but the traps wilt, oldest first.
>New growth may hang on another week, but if the condition isn't
>corrected the whole plant dies. This has happened occasionally to me
>when I go out of town and someone forgets to water my plants. :/ When
>I see wilt, I cut off the most severely effected traps, mist heavily,
>and sometimes put the plant in an aquarium or plastic bag. If its not
>in an enclosure I will continue to mist for maybe a week.

I had this happen to me on a flava, and although I recognised that
Sarracenia thrive in swamp and high moisture conditions, it looked a whole
lot like what hppens when I overwater another species of plant I have
grown. I reduced the moisture of the flava by watering it less frequently.
The "drying" problem ceased and new leaves have yet to show any sign of
the problem. Small sample size and unscientific recording, but I thought
it might be worth mentioning at this point.

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