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LCCSB St._Francis (
Thu, 25 May 1995 16:05:31 -0400 (EDT)

> Carl: I don't believe you have bugs. In my experience S. rubra,
> particularly the gulf coast form, (and to a much less degree some of
> the other Sarr. species) are susceptable to wilt. This seems to me
> to be associated with low water levels and high heat. I have found
> that the roots and rhizome appear healthy but the traps wilt, oldest
> first. New growth may hang on another week, but if the condition
> isn't corrected the whole plant dies. This has happened occasionally
> to me when I go out of town and someone forgets to water my plants.
> :/ When I see wilt, I cut off the most severely effected traps, mist
> heavily, and sometimes put the plant in an aquarium or plastic bag.
> If its not in an enclosure I will continue to mist for maybe a week.
> Tom in Florida Tom thank you for your quick reply. One other
> question. Conditions
in my greenhouse right now are getting quite warm 80-90F, even with my
shade cloth. The humidity on days like that goes down as low as 30-40%.
Does this give more creedence to your hypothesis?

Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur

"This week was next week last week"