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Thu, 25 May 95 12:23:23 CST

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John Ford <> writes:

>Christopher Waldrop asked about cephalotus culture. I'm growing mine
>in a clump of live spaghnum in a closed clear glass container in a
>little distilled water. The light is from a south window and difused
>by a gallon jug of water in between it and the light. It seems to
>be happy; I've had it about 3-4 weeks and it is puting up a new
>pitcher since I got it (about 2 cm high now) that looks like it will
>be somewhat larger than any of the three existing pitchers. Since
>it seems to be happy, I'm going to keep things as they are until it
>tells me it wants something different.
My Cephalotus has grown much faster after repotting it in an open mix of
perlite, volcanic gravel, fine orchid bark with a little peat. I grow it
outside in an 8" pot with a translucent plastic water jug slipped over the
pot as a miniature greenhouse. It gets late afternoon sun in a western
exposure. The open mix allows me to leave water in the saucer, whereas the
old mix of mostly peat was too anaerobic, had to be watered from above,
and forbade the use of a saucer. It seems to really enjoy the cool nights
with our usual fog after sitting in the afternoon sun.
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