Re: Lighting error!!

Michael Zenner (
Fri, 19 May 95 21:34 PDT

I've also see mahogany-colored
>Darlingtonia. A friend of mine has bought Darlingtonia in the USA and
>brought them to me a few times. The plants always arrive with this
>color, but the new leaves always come up green. I think this friend buys
>them from Peter Paul's nurseries in New York. Could they be using a 24h
>photoperiod with the Darlingtonia over there?
I don't think so... I bought a couple of Darlingtonia from PP's just a
couple of monthe ago, and they arrived green, but after I left one in a
sunny spot outdoors, after an unusual number of sunny days, the thing turned
deep red. New growth was the normal green. I think most
anthocyanin-producers do so under general bright light, not necessarily 24
hours worth.

-Michael Zenner
Portland, OR

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