Re: Lighting error!!

John Rising (
Fri, 19 May 1995 18:40:29 -0700

> Around 2 years ago I saw mahogany-colored Cephalotus. They were
>being grown by Bruce Salmon in Auckland, New Zealand. I don't know what
>he was doing to his plants though. Another local CPer had a normal
>greenish Cephalotus in his collection. I've also see mahogany-colored
>Darlingtonia. A friend of mine has bought Darlingtonia in the USA and
>brought them to me a few times. The plants always arrive with this
>color, but the new leaves always come up green. I think this friend buys
>them from Peter Paul's nurseries in New York. Could they be using a 24h
>photoperiod with the Darlingtonia over there?

My first Darlingtonia came from Peter Paul's but died from excess heat
during a hot summer. I can't recall its coloration. The older pitchers on my
locally purchased Darlingtonia have a definite maroon tongue and striations.
The new ones are only slightly coloured. I should mention that the
temperature never exceeded 68F and it had a humidity of around 60%. If I was
able to grow Darlingtonia separately, I would be very tempted to provide a
long photoperiod--as long as the temperature remains low. Soon I will be
transplanting the Darlingtonia into a converted fish tank as described in a
previous ICPS newsletter.