Re: Re: Lighting error!!

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Tue, 16 May 95 18:33 EDT

> Sounds very interesting. Would you say that your Cephalotus looks as
> healthy as before except the colour? Has anybody on the list ever
> tried 24 hours photoperiods. I remember an old CPN which contains a
> article describing the cultivation of N. bicalcarata under 24 hours
> light. I think experiments over longer periods would be very
> interesting. The fact that D. adelae does not like it might be due
> to it's general shade-loving habits. However usually 24 hours of
> light over longer periods should not be very good treatment for most
> plants.
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Hello CP'ers,
I have a number of Nepenthes, most are highland, growing
under 24 hour lighting. They are getting fairly bright light
so much that if I reduced the misting they would bleach out.
I had them growing like this since the beginning of March.
No problems just some spider mites that only go after the N.
ventricosa(s). The reason I have them like this is to speed
up their growth. This seems to be working but I have no control
so it can't really be considered an experiment for growth rate.

Dave Evans