Re: Lighting error!!

Davin Stewart/BSG (Davin_Stewart/
16 May 95 15:48:53 EDT

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>I am curious about your Cephalotus, though.

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>I have it partially covered with dried leaves because I heard the
would have less trouble
>forming in partial shade. Is this right or should I remove the leaf?
>My plant
is about 14"-16" away
>from the fluorescents. Thanks, Trisha <>

If you're growing it under flourescents, I think you should definately
remove the leaves. In my experience, _Cephalotus_ likes high light
levels. In fact, I've been growing mine for about 2 years with 4-6
hours of direct sun a day and it looks great.

I have heard that _Cephalotus_ produces larger, greener pitchers if given
reduced light levels. I don't know if this is truth or rumor, though.

Hope this helps,