Re: Lighting error!!

Liane Cochran-Stafira (
Wed, 17 May 1995 09:13:04 -0500

>>I am curious about your Cephalotus, though.

>>I have it partially covered with dried leaves because I heard the pitchers
>would have less trouble forming in partial shade. Is this right or should I
>remove the leaf? My plant is about 14"-16" away from the fluorescents.
>>Thanks, Trisha <>
>I have heard that _Cephalotus_ produces larger, greener pitchers if given
>reduced light levels. I don't know if this is truth or rumor, though.
>Hope this helps,

Although I don't have any experience with Cephalotus, I have observed
Sarracenia purpurea pitchers in northern U.S. and Canadian bogs showing
similar color changes. Plants growing on open areas in full sun (no real
shade at all) are very deep red and generally have many, small pitchers.
Nearby plants growing in dense shade under tamaracks or black spruces have
very large entirely green pitchers. I'm not aware of any formal studies on
this phenomenon, but my guess is that the increased production of the red
anthocyanin pigments may be a strategy for protecting against high light
levels. I don't have an explanation for the change in plant morphology
(pitcher size and number) though. Any guesses?


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