Re: Bugs!

LCCSB St._Francis (
Sun, 14 May 1995 22:19:31 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 7 May 1995, Kristin L. Mott wrote:

> Carl,
> Are the bugs doing that much damage to your plants? If so, how severe
> is the infestation? What got you concerned about them in the first
> place? What other types of plants are close by? Sorry to hit you with
> a millon questions, just trying to piece together the situation better :)
> Take care & keep on growing,
> -Tom- & Krissy
Tom Sorry for the late reply. Its seems the bugs are under control. A
few shots of Malathyon has seemed to have done it. Thanks for the reply!

Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur

"This week was next week last week"