Re: CP

C. Ossian (
Sun, 14 May 1995 21:15:53 -0600

>I have 6 rooted cuttings left of Nepenthes x mixta 'Superba' (male)
>available for trade or sale for $15 each. I'll give preference to those
>who have CP or orchids (species or awarded mericlones) available in
>exchange. My growlist is in the listserve archives. The mother plant of
>N. x mixta 'Superba' has really grown well after repotting into a 17 inch
>pot last year. New pitchers are 11.5 inches, which is a few inches more
>than the biggest pitchers I've ever seen before now. The inflorescence it
>produced last winter was 42 inches and contained a few hundred flowers.

I do NOT have trade materials...but would be glad to purchase one of the
mentioned Nepenthes x mixta 'Superba' cuttings if still available. Drop me
a note and we'll deal!

Clastic Man