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Sun, 14 May 1995 22:13:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 12 May 1995, dave evans wrote:

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> > Dear Tom, I have not really had time to work on my list. Things I have
> > extra that may interest you include S. alabamensis, S. jonesii, S. rubra
> > Ancestral Form-Taylor Co. GA, N. hirsuta, N.xWilliamsii. I am
> > interested in Sarracenia with locale info and more unsual Nepenthes.
> > FFrom your list, I would be interested in the N. albo marginata red
> > when cuttings are available, the N. veitchii(possibly)when available,
> > and a few others listed as not presently available. Drop me a line;
> > hopefully we can swap sometime. -alex
> Hello Alex,
> Just wondering, what is S. rubra Ancestral Form? Am I correct
> in assuming you refer to the S. rubra ssp. rubra or we talking of
> a different beast altogether?
> Thanks,
> Dave Evans
If I may bud in, it's called ancestral as it is believed to be the
ancestral form of rubra gulfensis. These plants grow in a few counties
in Western GA. If you look at a map, these plants are north east of of
gulfensis country. It is believed that these plants migrated down the
chattahoochee water shed to the gulf coast area. Interestingly enough,
these plants seem to be a mishmash or characteristics of all rubra
forms. Very nice plants!

Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur

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