Re: Introduction

Ron Schlosser (RonS@nesbbx.rain.COM)
Wed, 22 Mar 95 21:56:52 PST

In <>, (Rebecca
Patchett) writes:
> Greetings. I am a new subscriber to CP news and wanted to say hello. I
> have been growing CPs in my greenhouse in Portland, Oregon for about a year,
> so I am just beginning my adventures with these wonderful plants. I
> currently have four species, including a new flat of baby sundews I
> germinated here, and am interested in learning about sources to obtain more,
> etc. etc.
> Questions for the group:
> Are there any other Oregon folks out there?
> My Sarrecenia psittacina is flowering; is this species self pollinating?
> Can I get viable seed from just one plant?
> I'll sign off for now. Glad to be a part of the group, and I look forward
> to more news.
> Rebecca
> P.S. I especially enjoyed the WWW image of the Nepenthes pitchers being
> used to biol rice! Wonderful:).

Hello, Rebecca welcome to the group. You have found a fellow Oregonian.
I live in Oregon City and have been raising CP for some time. I know of
several people in the Portland/Oregon City area who raise CP and will let
you know of them if you are interested. You might also be interested in
the Pacific Northwest CP group which is a group of collectors based out
of Seattle. Kevin Snively, the treasurer for the International
Carnivorous Plant Society (I.C.P.S.) is a member and he frequents this
list. How big is your collection? If you are interested in adding to
your collection, leave me a message, I am starting to over flow with