Sarra Nurs, Rebecca and questions

Thu, 23 Mar 1995 08:38:00 -0500


1. Post Script on Sarracenia Nurseries.
I forgot to mention this in my previous message on this
nursery. This nursery has listed a plant as Pinguicula
cyclosecta for the past couple of years. Be warned that this
is almost certainly P.ehlersae! The story is as follows: a
UK grower aquired a plant labelled as P.cyclosecta from
continental Europe. This plant was subsequently tissue
cultured by a lab in the UK which widly sold them on to
nurseries and individuals as P.cyclosecta. Although most
people now accept that this plant is incorrectly labelled,
Sarracenia nurseries continue to sell it as such. Hopefully
a good picture of the real P.cyclosecta will appear in one
of the newsletters because it is very different to

2. Rebeccas Questions
To get seed from your S.psittacina you will need to
pollinate it unless you have plenty of pollinating insects
arround. A small water colour or makeup brush will do the
job. Use it to pick up pollen from within the 'upsidedown
umdrella' of the flower and then dust the stigmas (nobbly
dots arround the edge of the 'umbrella'. I have no problems
in generating viable seed from one plant.

3. Favour for friends.

a. A colleage of mine is some what envious of all my cp
related E-mail and would like to know if a discussion group
exists on roses - can anyone help?

b. A pal of mine without E-mail has asked me to put forward
this request:

P.sharpii seed to swap for P.sharpii seed!
This pal of mine has a couple of plants of P.sharpii grown
from seed from Guatamala. To avoid inbreeding he is after
P.sharpii seed from any one else growing it in exchange for
his surpless P.sharpii seed. If anyone can help let me know.