Re: Nepenthes minutisimum

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 09:22:33 +0100

Dear Cliff,

>I am looking for help concerning the ID of a plant called Nepenthes
>'minutisimum' (forgive any misspelling please). The plant is from Sumatra,
>overall it is a small plant, the leaves are linear, rather like a tiny N.
>ventricosa, and the pitchers are heavily purple striped. I am hoping to find
>out where (or if) this plant has been formally described and a reference to
>the paper it was described in.

N.minutissima (_Nepenthes_ is *female*) is one of the ill-defined (not
properly described, not typified) nomina nuda published by HOPKINS, MOULDER
& SALMON (CPN 19:20, 1990). The authors have menaced us with the validation
of these names but nothing like that did appear in the literature since
(any surprise?). Without a proper circumscription of N.minutissima and
without any representative specimens cited (only a non-diagnostic picture
shown), it is a nomen dubium (and not yet included in my synopsis). This
(" be validated soon elsewhere.") is rather exactly the kind of
publication I do *not* like!

Kind regards