Re: Big bladders & Superthrive

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 17:10:21 -0500

> I just wanted to thank everyone for the info on the Utricularia and I
> apologize for my ignorance on the subject (I'm really a nepenthes grower).
> >From the correspondence, it sounds that species like U. dichotoma, U.
> longifolia, U. vulgaris, or U. tricolor would serve well for the purpose
> of classroom demonstration. Can anyone spare divisions of these species
> for trade ?
> Much thanks,
> Ch'ien
I guess I overlooked the first part of your questions mentioning classroom
demonstrations. I have done classroom demonstrations for 6th and 7th graders
and they love it! I used venus fly traps, Sarracenia, Utricularia, and
Drosera. One of the high points was when I cut open a large S.luecophylla trap
and showed them the remains of the bugs it caught. Same with Neps. They also
loved letting the fly traps close on their fingers. I would encourage any
growers who have the chance to volunteer for this kind of thing.

Tom in Florida