Re: Cephalotus lighting
Thu, 02 Feb 1995 08:50:02 +0930

Hi Trish,

> I was just playing around in my terrarium yesterday when
>something occured to me. I read somewhere (I think in Marcel
>Lecoufle's book) that developing Cephalotus plants need to be
>kept in partial shade. I have a very young Cephalotus with two
>tiny traps and two tiny leaves on it in my terrarium.

In the wild this plant apparently grows amongst tall grasses so
this would indeed provide partial shade. I have some small plants
which I produced from leaf cuttings and I have put them in strong
light with no ill effects (yet!). If you find you plant is
producing lots of leaves, it isn't getting enough light and
conversely I have seen plants grown in very strong light and they
have had very few reduced leaves.

I think the best way to grow this or any other plant is to just
try different things out. You can normally tell pretty quickly if
your plant doesnt like it and so you do something different. Sure
you may lose a few plants but when you get it right......Ahh!