Re: D. hamiltonii
Thu, 02 Feb 1995 08:35:06 +0930

>Is there anybody who has experience in getting D.hamiltonii
>flowers? I read in Slack's book that it needs a cold period to
>induce flower formation. How long has this period to be? A few
>nights in the fridge will do?

My experience with this plant basically mirrors Barry's. My plant
also flowers every year but no seed is produced. I really need to
repot it as the plants are now becoming very congested and
starting to grow sideways.

I grow mine in peat:sand 2:1 (like everything else ;) )and sit it
in a water tray all the year round.

BTW Barry, the U.alpina seedlings are still alive ( my fingers
are crossed at this point). Heard from a few members that they
have had them germinate fine but then die off as you mentioned
was in Taylor's book. From what you've written, the Arizona temps
are sort of in the same range as here. Do you give your U. alpina
any winter heat?